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What is the price of paper?

The price of paper is determined by a couple of factors. It starts with the simple equation between supply and demand. When there is a lot of paper, the price will be lower than when there is little paper. But the question is also, how many companies want to recycle their paper? When there is a lot of this, the price of paper is usually better too. Almost half of all paper is collected for other countries. So also the world trade has an influence on this. A lot of paper in some countries is created from recycled paper. Unfortunately there are lowering raw material prices because of a surplus of recycled paper.

Who benefits from paper?

The paper price is very important for the consumer sector. They collect old paper and folders all year round, to sell for a little extra cash at the end of the year. But companies are becoming more aware of this as well. Seperating their trash creates a better environment and this is the easiest step that businesses can make. Financially it does add nicely to the bottom line. When it is done properly, there might even be enough money left over to throw a party for the employees. Which the profit from as well. Keep them motivated and seperating trash.

The advantages of a good price

It is wise to check the paper stock often. Recycled paper usually is stored in unused spaces. So it is a small effort to wait for the right upward trend in price of paper. We don’t want to pay too much and receive as much as possible, right? In principle, this is simplest and wisest. A lot of people think very lightly about this, because it might be only a couple cents per kilogram. But saving up for a year worth of newspapers and magazines can easily run up to 50 to 100 kilograms. That is a lot of money even for a couple cents difference.

What information can you find in the paper price?

The paper price is determined in a couple of ways. It is about the demand for recycled paper as well as the supply of all the suppliers that is available to them. Not just that, but there are also costs attached to paper collectors. There has to be someone paid and present to collect the actual paper, but also somebody that keeps an eye out for rubbish to join the pile like plastics. Because it has to be sorted properly and not mixed. But they also have to weigh all the incoming paper on a scale. Usually this is done automatically on a bridge, but there needs to be personell that presses the paper to be as compact as possible for transport. So there is more to it than you think. This is also calculated back in to the price of paper.

Check paper stock for consumers

The price for consumers is exactly the same as that for corporate customers. Because we are talking about a product that does not have running VAT. Most people have a lot of paper in their house. Usually some magazines or insurance flyers and folders pop through the mailbox. But the daily or weekly newspaper and the local newspaper of regional or nationwide often comes in too. What did you think of cardboard packaging that you have laying around the house? These things all add up for a nice amount of cash if you start selling it off at the right time.

Who checks this stock?

There are many people that check the stock for paper. Often there are local charities like playgrounds or football clubs that collect paper for new materials. Because most of it is based on charity, they can earn a little bit of money on the side for new materials. Businesses also start to think about the climate more and more and that also means seperating trash. And that extra bit of money is a nice bonus on the side. Even schools have a limited budget. They try to save all the paper because most schools use quite a bit of it. It’s in school books that get thrown away, or every test and exam is made on paper too! They can use the extra money for new materials at school. And there are many more companies that check the paper stock.

Keep an eye on the paper stock!

The price of paper changes regularly, like the price for scrap iron. It is often in our way and so why would you wait until the price goes up a little bit. There are collectors that have a different price for each bit of paper. So sometimes it might be valuable to see where you can get the most out of what. But it might be that these prices are even lower. So it is always necessary to compare pricing of paper. Most villages and city have a collector point. It is obviously possible to hand it in anywhere else, but then you have to take into account the fuel price because eventually you do want to make some money.

What difference is made in the paper price?

Most companies only use one price for all paper. But there are also companies that make a difference in types of paper. It could be that cardboard has a different price than paper. Most companies have a different price for different types of paper as well. So the price for a colored sheet of paper could be less than a white piece of paper. This is because we recycle a lot for new printing paper, which is white and not colored. If you live near a border, it might also benefit you to look over in a different area, because the price might be higher. Keep the prices in check online as well!

A recap of 2021

In 2021 we luckily saw a upward trend in the price of recycled paper. This is mostly because there are shortages in raw materials for new paper. There are many more protected forests and the ban on plastic caused the demand of paper and wood to skyrocket. The price that you collected for handing in the paper yourself has risen to 15 cents per kilogram. At the beginning of the year this was only 4 cents, so a huge difference.

The price for paper rises in 2022

Last years rise was child’s play in comparison to the price of paper this year. In the first quarter we saw the price boom up. Depending on what kind of paper you offererd you could get a price of up to 50 cents per kilogram. This is not the case just yet as traders now still use the old prices. But this could be a reality in the coming of the year. Most valuable was blank white paper, but also printed or colored sheets were worth the time. For the actual prices in 2022 it is best to contact your collecting company.

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