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Platina Price

The actual price of platina is continuously moving. This raw material, just like oil, is traded worldwide and therefore keeps moving. In the graph above you can find the actual platina course, which is updated daily.

The actual price of platina is continuously moving. This raw material, just like oil, is traded worldwide and therefore keeps moving. In the graph above you can find the actual platina course, which is updated daily.

Valuable precious metals

Gold and silver are recognized through all times as valuable precious metals. They have an important spot in the wallet of each smart investor. An investment in gold is a safe, long-term investment. Read more about investing in gold here.

There are many ways to get to know more about the raw materials prices of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper and bronze. If you are on this search, keep reading for more information about platina. We will talk about the value of platina, the history, the (dis)advantages of platina but also if it is wise to invest in platina. What do you have to look out for and what are tricky situations.

Most important key points:

  1. Precious metals can cover you from inflation well. Gold is not your only option.
  2. Platina, silver et cetera are all raw materials that can be added to your portfolio. All have their own unique risks and opportunities.
  3. Besides owning physical metal, it is also possible to invest in metal-ETFs, stocks and for example mining companies.
  4. Platina price per gram

Just like gold, the price of platina is usually described as USD per Troy Ounce*. The reason for this, is becasue the United Kingdom and the United States are the most dominant markets for the trade in these rar materials. In most other parts of the world, they like to measure prices in grams and euros. The current platina price can be seen in the graph.

*Just like other precious metals (like gold, silver and bronze), prices are depicted in Troy Ounces and in grams. Troy Ounces is a weight measurements specific to precious metals and is exactly 31.1034768 grams. There are about 32 Troy Ounces in 1 kilogram.

What does platina look like?

Platina is mostly known for its natural white color. It is a truly white metal, in comparison to for example white gold. This is a yellow gold, mixed with some ot her metals. They then cover it up with Rhodium  to make it look more white (and add a white masking which will eventually wear off and reveal its yellow underlying tint). Platina on the other hand will always keep its white color. When you have a stone of platina in your hand, it has a grey white color.

Origin of platina

The name platina is derived from the Spanish wrod platino, which means little silver. It was found in Columbia between all the delved silver.


Platina can be found in the earth’s crust in two ways. Namely unbound in the mineral sperrylite. Generally it is found in combination with other metals from the platina group.

Platina is most often found in South Africa and Russia. But also Columbia and the west of the United States hold platina, usually as a byproduct of nickle digging.

Advantages and disadvantages of platina

A lot can be said about platina. The meterials is very versatiel and knows a large history. But what are the exact advantages and disadvantages of platina. We have put them in a list for you:


+Platina is the most valuable of all precious metals (even more valuable than gold!)
+Platina is the strongest of all precious metals
+Platina is the most sustainable of all precious metals
+Platina is very suited to hold gems
+Platina is hypoallergenic
+Platina has a natural white color that doesn’t fade


-Platina is sensitive to scratches
-Jewelry made from platina can bend out of shape when made too thin
-The price of platina is higher than gold

Why is platina so valuable?

Just like gold and silver, platina is traded worldwide. It has the tendency to get a higher price than gold, but how? In the common public gold is considered the most valuable. But there is a very simple answer to the question why platina is more valuable. Because it is more rare. Yearly a lot less platina is dug up fro mthe ground than any other precious metal.

But there are more factors that determina the price of platina:

  1. Platina is also used as industrial metal. It is used a lot in for example catalysts of cars. Next to that, jewelry demand the most platina. Petroleum, chemical refinerycatalysts and the computer industry use the rest of the platina.
  2. The car industry is very dependent on precious metals. The prices of platina are also determined partially by this.
  3. There are only few platina mines where the metal can be gained. There are even only two countries in the world that can supply the world with this: South Africa and Russia.

Price of platina versus gold

Gold has been the most known of the precious metals for a long time. Mainly in the eyes of the investor. But precious metals like platina and silver also have created an important place in the portfolio of the smart investor. Gold, like platina, both their unique  properties.

Because platina is less present than gold, the prices of platina are higher too. If you look at the material value of platina, this is at the top of the list. It is also considered a strong symbol of quality and value.

Gold is being yielded in dozens of countries around the world, while platina only is gained in two: South Africa and Russia. Political and economical influences of these countries are not excluded in the price of platina. They can combine forces and keep the price artificially high.

The price for platina versus gold is also higher, because it can be used for more purposes. For example the car industry has huge interest in platina, as well as the aviation industry and hospitals.

Noteworthy is the influence that the cara industry has on the price of  platina. In 2015 the emission scandals of Volkswagen came to light. In that era the demand for diesel engines slowed. The repercussions of this were that the prices of platina plummetted 15% in three months!

Strength of platina

Platinai s very dense, but also very shapely metal. It is often used in the car industry, but also in turbine engines of planes. What did you think about medical devices like pacemakers? Platina. And of course in jewelry.

“Platina is the toughest metal” is a common misconception.

A lot of people assume that platina is the hardest precious metal. Mayube because it is the most expensive of the precious metals. But considering the hardness of the precious metals, platina is not the number one. Though platina is about twice as hard as gold, it is still a relatively soft metal. It is very easy to shape, which is useful for making jewerly, for example.

The misconception that platina is very tough, might also come because people confuse the tarnish resistancy with hardness. Platina is very resistant to tarnishing. Compare it to silver, which can be easily tarnished. But this has nothing to do with the hardness.

The hardness  scale of Moh

There is a standardized measurement for hardness. This is called the hardness scale of Moh. It is used to express hardness or to judge it, which is not only for metals. When a material is very soft, it is graded a 1. If it is one of the hardest metals, it will get a 10.

Below is a row of various metals that have been graded on the hardness scale of Moh.

  • Gold, silver, zinc and aluminum score between 2.5 and 3.
  • Platina scores 3.5
  • Iron and nickle are 4
  • Titanium and rhodium score a 6
  • Diamond scores a 10

Is platina a sustainable material?

Platina is described for decades as the toughest and most sustainable metal. If we zoom in on jewelry, for example a ring. When a ring made out of white gold is scratched, it disappears. Platina does it differentlyt. Because with platina, the scratch is moved from one to the other part of the ring. No platina is lost. The scratch is visible and can give an antique look to the ring. By polishing it, it is possible to make the platina ring neat again.

Sustainability is one of the most important factors that platina has. Because of its durability, platina can live on for generations. It is simple to make look as new and can be passed on.


When you compare all precious metals, specifically on jewelry level, 1 element stands out. Because platina is hypoallergenic. This means that there is a minimal chance to get an allergic reaction when wearing a platina ring.

Platina is the only true hypoallergenic precious metal you can buy. This is because it’s a 95% pure metal. White gold is made from a mixture of different metals for example. Because of this, some parts of the metal can irritate someone’s skin, if they are sensitive to it. If you are allergic to metals, platina jewelry is the most safe option.

Why is platina more expensive than gold?

The reason platina is more expensive than gold has been named before. Platina has much more scarcity than gold, which automatically raises the price. It’s a matter of supply and demand.

Besides this, platina has much higher density. This means you will need a lot more material than for example using gold. A ring of platina of there also of higher price. And because platina is a heavy metal, your ring automatically becomes heavier too. A platina ring is usually 95% pure platina, while a 14k golden ring is only 58.5% pure gold (18k gold is about 75%). This is a reason that platina rings are more expensive than golden.

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