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Paint price

For the price of paint there is not a true standard. This has to do with the type of paint that you choose. Depending on the format that is chosen it changes. You can get simple wall paint for $2.50 per liter. But it has to be bought in big by the buckets. You can also get special floor paint for almost $10 a liter. Other types of paint has a fluctuating price between $5 en $35 per liter. Of course this cannot be compared with the paint that you can get in hardware stores. The prices, when on sale, can be similar there, but normally the price is much higher. A professional painter buys their paint at the wholesale which makes the prices a lot cheaper than to regular consumers. This is actually the same for every raw material. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets in comparison to a liter or any other measurement.

How to find the best paint price

The best price for consumer can be found in the special discount folder of paint stores or hardware stores. But it is also depending on the properties that the paint has to offer. People sometimes buy paint and primer seperately, but you can often also budle it together, making it cheaper. The brand of the paint also has a big influence on the price of paint. This is because a big brand spends more on commercials and usually has a larger supply. A large supply means a lot of capital in the business and that is being calculated through to the consumer. For the corporate market the prices are way more attractive. They buy not only much more, but they actually use all of the product. Because they buy paint regularly, there is a better buying price available and they get high discounts on high volumes.

What factors influence this?

There are different factors that influence the price of paint. It starts with the volume that is being bought. When you order 1 liters, it is often much more expensive than when you order 100 liters with some bulk discount. A lot of people wait untill then can paint multiple rooms at once, so that they can buy a lot more at once. This is how they save maximally. Companies usually already buy these big volumes, which is why they get the better disconts. As a consumer you can also buy paint a discount stores, but this is not always the same quality as that of bigger, more expensive brands. Often it happens that you will need to add multiple layers. The bottom line then sometiems even becomes more expensive. So be aware of what you buy and scour the internet for tips on the best paints. Other people’s experiences usually tell you a lot about what paint to buy and what not.

Why the paint price differs so much between brands

The price of paint often differes between a lot of brands for a number of reasons. A big brand has more costs because of the big supply and marketing that they do. Besides that there often is a huge difference in quality. Sometimes it is better to buy a bigger brand, because it just covers the surface much better. When you use subpar brands, you might have to multilayer it. This also costs more time to finish the job. It can be that you are missing wages, because you have to take days off from your regular job to finish your home DIY project. At the bottom line a cheaper paint can actually mean a higher cost. There are many tips on the internet, or at the employess of a hardware store or specialty paint store on how to approach your paint job the best. These are honest advices, not aimed at selling you the products.

Who benefits from a good paint price?

Companies and consumers both have a benefit from a good paint price. But still today there is no clear answer on what the actual simple paint price is. This is because suppliers are not open about it to any consumer and companies. At the moment it is a heated discussion where suppliers are almost forced to make these figures public on a short term anyway. The expectation of critics is that the price will crash because of this as well. There are not a lot of raw materials needed for paint and those that are used are often very cheap to buy. So the price might not be justified in the first place.

Where can you buy paint?

For the right price you can go to a wholesaler, which is mostly only open to companies. More and more companies are opening wholesalers for consumers as well though. This makes it so that they can buy the paint to the right price as well. Online we can order a lot of paint as well for a very beneficial price. It is quite a search, but eventually it can be a lot of difference per liter. It is of course depending on the total amount of liters that someone would actually need. The more you buy of one product, the cheaper it usually gets with discounts from companies. This is the reason that most professional painters get their paint cheaper.

This is how you can find the right paint price too

When you look online very well, and scour the various stores for discounts on paint, you can find the best price for you. It is wise to regularly check discounts from stores and their folders. There are many stores that give away 50% of their regular prices on coloring paint and white paints can go up to even 70% discounts. Because of this reason, people know not to buy paint for their regular price as well. Postponing a buy, to wait for a discount usually does not hurt and can save you a lot of money. And perhaps when the paint prices become public, the prices will go down a lot.

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