• MetalAluminium prijs

    Aluminum Price

    Aluminum price graph Table of Contents Aluminum Price Aluminum belongs to the base metals. Because investors can now buy aluminum for a cheap price and give it out slowly, entrepeneurs pay higher buying prices. The market is actually moving daily,…

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  • MetalIJzer

    Iron Price

    Iron price graph Table of Contents Iron, where does it come from and what is it? Iron has been a product that can be found in many materials for years. It is used in construction but also in many other…

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  • Metalkoper bewerkt door machine

    Copper Price

    Copper price graph Table of Contents Current copper price in tables and graphs The copper price can be presented in many different ways. This is because there are many different copper prices. We know red copper, hand peeled copper or…

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  • Metal

    Tin price

    Tin price graph Table of Contents Tin Price The price of tin is influenced by many different factors. First off, it is very important to know if it is pure tin or a mixture of tin and another metal. Then…

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  • Building Materials

    Metal Price

    Metal price graph Table of Contents Metal price Metal is a chemical element. Usually it consists of an array of elements in the periodic table. It sounds very chemistry-like and it actually is. There are many different groups of metals…

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  • Energy

    Lithium price

    Lithium price graph Table of Contents Lithium price The current lithium price is always moving. This raw material, just like oil, is trade globally and is therefore always subject to changes. In the graph above, you can see the actual…

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  • MetalBrons prijs

    Bronze Price

    Bronze price graph Table of Contents Day pricing of bronze Bronze generally has a stable price movement. This means that the price is not that volatile. The current LME daily pricing of  bronze is around €3.90 per kilogram. Bronze price…

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  • Metalgrondstofprijs.com_goud_goudprijs_goudprijzen

    Gold Price

    Gold price graph Table of Contents Gold Price De actuele goudprijzen zijn continu in beweging. Deze grondstof wordt net als olie en platina wereldwijd verhandelt en blijft daardoor in beweging. In bovenstaande grafiek is de actuele goudkoers te zien, deze…

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  • MetalBeleggen in kobalt

    Cobalt Price

    Cobalt price graph Table of Contents Cobalt price The existance of the price of cobalt goes way back. Cobalt connections were used by the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks to color glass. We know this know because of a necklace found…

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  • Metalzilverprijs in grafiek

    Silver Price

    Silver price graph Table of Contents Silver price Silver supplies are slowly depleting, which means that the silver price also slowly rises, because of scarcity in the market. The price of silver is often presented as ‘per tray ounce’. In…

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