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Magnesite price

The price of magnesite is dependent on the thickness that you buy and the weight of the stones. These stones are available for €5 per 1 to 3 grams and 15 to 20 grams will set you back about €4,75. There are floors that can be made out of this material as well, but those prices fluctuate heavily. Averagely you pay between €12,50 and €25 per square meter. The larger the surface that you get put down, the lower the total price will be. The material is not very popular, which means that there is enough available in the global market. This also means that the price has not changed much in the last years. The demand has to increase tremendously before the price will go up in any significant number. There is a huge oversupply of this raw material.

What can be made of magnesite?

The price of magnesite is low, which makes it a nice alternative for a lot of people to have their floor made out of. Especially companies will have these floors, but it is very suitable for home use as well. The biggest advantage is that the floors are light in weight, which means you get a nice finish in the home as well. The prices vary, but because magnesium isn’t super shiny, the price is usually a bit lower. These floors are easy to put into a building and is dry in a couple of days. No need to wait long before you can enjoy it. And it is also sound and fire dampening.

You can also buy magnesite rocks in some stores. These are often white chisel-like stones that you find in peoples’ yards. Because there is often also iron, manganese or calcium in these stones, they are not all pure white. Some people like this a lot, but it also creates an affordable price.

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