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Diamond price graphs and tabulations

We don’t only the price of diamond, but we also show you in graphs and tabulations. Every carat costs about 5000 euros or more. It is a bit dependent on the size of the diamond and the clarity of it.

Next to that we see it a lot in jewelry. It is therefore very difficult to give an exact price unfortunately.

We do see that the price of a diamond has tripled over the last 50 years. So, it is something you can see as a real investment.

Take, for example, a ring that you buy for someone that contains a diamond. Usually, a lot of work goes into this, which is why you can pay over 10.000 per carat. That is purely, because of the time that it costs to refine the stone.

We have had some disaster years, with the corona crisis and the war between Russia and Ukraine. Even then the price of diamonds increased. It is what we call a recession-resistant investment. Only if there is a banking crisis, like in 2008, a minimal decline can be seen. A lot of things have to come together for such a thing to happen again, but you never know what the future holds.

How is the diamond price calculated?

The diamond price is not only based on the supply and demand of it. On the contrary, it is often based on the worker’s costs. The one diamond can be cleaned easier than the other. It is a labor-intensive process and too much pressure can make a diamond break into a million pieces.

Next to that, the number of carats in a stone also determines the price. Usually an additional cost of about €5,000 of more per carat could be paid.

If it is added into a piece of jewelry, you will see that the price goes up even more. This is why those jewelry cost often hundreds of thousands up to millions.

In Antwerp you can find one of the largest diamond traders in the world. The AWOC controls a large part of the global trade.

Then you also have to look at the exclusivity of a diamond. There are different kinds and one is naturally purer than the other one. The purer, the less work goes into the refining process. A diamond cannot handle too much pressure, because it will split and break into a million pieces.

Production countries of diamonds

South-Africa and Northern Canada are the best places to find diamonds. These can be found at a depth of 140 to 190 kilometers under the earth’s crust. These two are by far the best finding places.

There are more places by the coast of Namibia, where these precious stones can be found.

The smaller diamonds, called micro diamonds, only really appear in the northern part of Morocco. Here you can find a lot of different subduction places, very deep under the ground.

Facts about the raw material diamond

1: Diamonds can only be found in places 140km or more under the earth’s crust.
2: It is one of the most expensive materials in the world.
3: Canada and South-Africa are the largest producers. Every few years they exchange first and second place.
4: The diamonds are available in different colors and not just the stones we usually get to see on TV and social media. Next to the fine white, there are different tinted colors.
5: The most expensive diamond ever was a pink one in 2010, being auctioned off for 34 million euro.
6: There are different price groups and that has to do with the 10 purity scores that can be given to diamonds.
7: Visually, you cannot really see the difference between a pure and impure diamond. You need a really good magnifying glass for this.
8: Next to the oval shape that most people know, it can be found in a pear shape or rectangular shape.
9: Since 1330, the rough diamond has been transformed to its beautiful shapes in stones and as jewelry.
10: On old Chinese drawings we can see that diamonds already existed 2500 years before Christ.

History of the diamond

The diamond price has a rich history, but not in increase and decreases. Beside one banking crisis, we see that the value of diamond keeps increasing. There are not a lot of places where you can go this deep underneath the earth’s crust to mine diamonds.

Throughout the years, the production has decreased quite a bit, because we will just run out of them at a certain point.

Starting 2500 before Christ up until now we learn more and more about this rare precious stone. Just like other precious stones like opal, we don’t find it at the stock exchange, but only at jewelers that trade it.

What is the price of diamond on the stock exchange?

The diamond price on the stock exchange is not really known. We see it get traded with a maximum of 5 carats every now and then, but a set trading method does not exist.

This is, because it almost only is used to create beautiful stones or jewelry.

We do notice that just like gold, silver and other precious metals, it is something that can be coming to the stock exchange as a possible investment. We do not know when.

Buying diamond as an investment

Diamond has appeared to be a good investment for hundreds of years. The rich among us are definitely aware of this. You used to see that the elite would only possess jewelry and other objects with this raw material. Nowadays we see self-made millionaires also flaunt these beauties.

The reason why it is a good investment is simple. Diamond is a raw material that does not see a lot of ups and downs. If there is a crisis in the financial market you can only see a slight decline.

All other things on the stock exchange do not have any relevance to this and that is why it is seen as a recession-proof investment. You don’t make thousands per year, but slow rising curve can be seen every year.

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