News: CETA releases joint statement on five year results

How does CETA two-way trade impact the price of raw materials?

The Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA for short, has now reached its five year mark.

According to the latest committee, the benefits are already visible and the benefits for traders have increased over 30%.

This joint agreement was instated, to increase jobs, economic performance and cooperation on the trade of raw materials.

Does CETA provide security during the Ukraine war?

The agreements made are crucial to support the global trading in raw materials through finding alternatives to the supply chain disruptions, food insecurities, global energy crises and the economic recession.

Some of the achievements that the joint agreement has made over the last five years have been reported and some of the published material can be found here.

Is CETA securing the future of trading raw materials?

The progress that is made under the EU-Canada Strategic Partnership on Raw Materials shows exciting results that have a positive impact on the future of trading in raw materials.

It is important to note that the focus is on creating strengthened cooperation and clean technology and labour standards. For a lot of raw materials, like rhodium (one of the most expensive precious metal) and hydrogen, these types of investments in cooperation show a positive trend in the future.

It of course means that there is a lot of support to keep creating and trading these raw materials, which has a positive impact on long-term strategies.

Should I invest in raw materials because of CETA?

Of course, CETA is a positive note in the world of trading raw materials. These types of announcements are usually a good sign and see a good point in time to trade the raw materials that are mostly affected by these partnerships.

CETA is not new, its 5 years existence have proven the uplift is not a fad and seeing its current way of working, investing at this point could be a good choice.

The future is never certain, but trading is based on insight and information, which with CETA’s joint statement looks positive.


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